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Published on November 4th, 2016 | by Soma Priya

Limp hair? Add that oomph!

Baby soft hair has its own set of drawbacks – not only it fails to hold any style, it also appears flat and lifeless! Here’s how to rock limp hair into waking up…

Hair gets limp either due to excess sebum on scalp or due to product build up. With some correct routine and hair care products, you can add oomph to your limp mane.

The basics

Choose your shampoo:

While oil is good for scalp, in case of limp hair, the sebum build up due to oil further aggravates the problem of limpness. So, it is mandatory that people with limp hair minimize the sebum on their scalp. Go for a shampoo that contains astringents like tea tree oil, orange or may be rosemary.  Go for a daily shampoo and skip conditioner. If ends appear dry, use volumizing conditioner only on the ends of hair strands. Try L’Occitane citrus verbena shampoo and conditioner. They have lemon extracts which keep sebum away. The Body Shop Rainforest Balance Shampoo and Conditioner are also effective in cleansing limp hair.

Volumizing spray:

On damp hair, spray some volumizing spray at the roots of hair and then turn hair upside down. Blow dry hair keeping them upside down. Now flip your and what you find is voluminous tresses. Also use round brush.

Curling iron:

If you love the curly locks, you need to first treat your hair with a spray gel. Apply the gel from ends till your ear length. Avoid slapping gel close to the scalp. Now with a curling iron, make curls, the way you love. Do not forget to spray some styling spray afterwards. It will hold the style for long.


Get your hair cut into layered fashion. Layers add volume to hair. Also, go for short to medium length hair. Long hair pulls the weight down, making hair look even more flat. Sort haircuts add volume to hair.


At the end, get some cool hair highlights. A little texture to hair will give an illusion of voluminous hair.


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