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Published on November 4th, 2016 | by Rima J Pundir

Tips & Tricks: Perfect Nail Coat

Glistening red nails are every girl’s dream but to make that dream come true, it’s important to keep those talons healthy. Follow these tips for perfect nails…

The start to nicely polished nails, are healthy nails. And the most important thing you can do to have healthy, perfectly polished nails is to eat well, drink plenty of water, and keep the nails well-clipped, filed and shaped.

To get those perfect nails:

1. Cut the Cuticles: Remove excess cuticle matter around the nail and near the nail. Using a set of nail clippers or a small pair of scissors, clip the cuticles back as close to the finger as possible. Do not pull or yank the hangnail cuticle loose though, as this can result in bleeding and possible infection.

2. Nail Bed Knowhow: Pushing back the cuticles at the nail bed, where the nail meets the fingers, will help with the shape and look of the polished nail and it will also help your polish last longer. It’s also important to soften the cuticle before pushing it back so either use a cuticle softener, or just soak hands in a soapy solution for 5 minutes beforehand.

3. File Right: File in one direction only – do not scrape the file to and fro – this might lead to your nails ‘cracking’. Also, using a soft emery board or a buffing stick, lightly buff the top and sides of the nail. Lightly buffing the nail provides a nice base for the polish to adhere to without causing it to appear rough.

4. Oil-free: Before you start painting the nails, give them a good scrub with a nail brush and some mild soap – this will remove any oil and nail dust that might otherwise mar a perfect coat of paint.

5. Base Coat: Protect your nails fro harsh colours that may leach onto the nail bed, or simply prolong the life of the nail paint by using a good base coat. Choose a simple base coat or use a ‘treatment’ one if you have brittle nails that break off.

6. Do NOT Shake: Don’t shake the bottle! Shaking the bottle to mix the colour will cause air bubbles to form that might leave bubble on your nail when you use the colour. Instead, hold the bottle between your hands to warm it and then roll it back and forth between your hands for a minute or two.

7. The Right Brush: When applying the colour to your nails, it’s important that the brush you use be clean and soft. Pull out the brush, wipe it on all sides of the bottle to remove as much polish as possible, and then dip the brush again, this time swiping it against the bottle rim on one side. Then carefully turn the brush and apply the side with the polish to the nail starting at the tip of the cuticle, centre on the nail. In one smooth motion, swipe the brush down the centre of the nail. Wait 3-5 seconds, and then do the same on the left side of the nail, and then wait another 3-5 seconds and do the same on the right side.

8. Let it Dry: Let the nail polish completely dry for at least five minutes before adding a clear or top coat to the nail. Once the top coat has been applied, be sure to let your nails dry for another full five minutes minimum before touching or using your hands.


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