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Published on November 11th, 2016 | by Yashodhara Ghosh

Tips To Tackle Wednesdays

Wednesday creeps by at snail’s pace while the weekend tends to fly, sometime leaving you in beauty goop! Here’s help to tackle that midweek beauty slump…

Einstein was right in more ways than one when he said that time is relative  – no wonder it creeps at a sluggish pace on those mind-numbing week days, and flies past you before you can say ‘Hallelujah!’ on weekends. If your unkempt, neglected appearance is making you cringe – and the weekend salon pleasures still seems centuries way – then we have just a few tricks up our sleeve that could break you out of your midweek beauty slump!

Hair s/care

Hair a tangled mess and no hair spa day in the offing? Deep conditioning at home is a simple solution. Shampoo with a regular trusted brand, wash it off, and disentangle gently with a wide-toothed plastic comb. Add a good store-bought intensive conditioner in a smooth layer over wet hair, and wrap it tightly with a clean plastic. Now soak a towel in warm water, squeeze out the excess water, wrap it around your head. You could also press a hot iron over the towel or run in the microwave for half a minute. Keep the turban on till the heat ebbs away, and repeat a couple of times if you have the time. Now rinse off the conditioner and air-dry.

From the cheatsheet: No time to don a turban and watch the world go by? Just add a spoonful of vinegar in a mug of water to rinse your hair after a shampoo. It’s your one-minute trick to getting that post-spa look at literally one-tenth the effort and expense.

No marks

If you have oily skin and haven’t kept up with your CTM routine since the weekend, blackheads cannot be far behind. Take a look – chances are those monsters have already started rearing their ugly heads all across your T-zone. Here’s a simple antidote – boil some water, and steam your face for 5 minutes. The heat will open out all your pores. Now take a trusted face scrub, one with larger granules, and exfoliate the T-zone thoroughly. If you’ve run out of scrub, use a mixture of milk and undissolved sugar. Wash off. Don’t push, pull or squeeze, else you may end up with scars your skin: leave the stubborn ones to the experts. Rub some ice on the scrubbed area. This will shrink your pores immediately.

From the cheatsheet: Prevention is better than cure. Pick up a leftover slice of tomato from the salad bowl after dinner every weeknight and rub it over your nose. Tomatoes are rich sources of vitamin C, vitamin A and citric acid, and keep blackheads at bay or remove them over time.

No raised eyebrows

Are your jagged, unruly eyebrows making you a laughing stock? Arm yourself with a tweezer after your shower when your skin is still soft. Station yourself before the mirror, switch on the lights. Look out for strays. Now pluck them out one by one. Choose the upper and lower lines of your brows, and remember never to pluck beyond those lines. Pull in the direction of the hair growth. Now take the fine-toothed end of your comb, brush out to their tallest length, and taking out the tiny pair of scissors from your pedicure kit, snip off the brows that stick out like sore thumbs from the rest.


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