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Published on November 14th, 2016 | by Rima J Pundir

Tips & Tricks: Anti-Ageing

From using the right cosmetics and creams to eating anti-oxidants, here are some simple tips to keep in mind to keep age at bay!

Why do we age? Because of free radicals. And what are these free radicals? By products of oxidation – basically the very oxygen we breathe produces free radicals – unpaired electrons. These unstable molecules make their way through the body, scavenging our cells, trying to snatch up that missing part thus destroying body cells and making us age. While ageing is an irreversible reaction, we can slow it from showing on our face a bit – so while we all can’t look like Demi Moore, looking our best is possible, at any age… Here’s how:

Ageing, but slowly!

  • Beware, the sun: The ultraviolet (UV) rays may result in mottled skin with freckles, sun spots, a leathery appearance and a visible increase in wrinkles and sagging. Ensure SPF 15 to get 90 percent sun protection and choose a sunscreen that protects against both UVA (wrinkle causing) and UVB (sunburn causing) rays.
  • Get that blood flowing: Build in an exercise routine: Exercise helps tone muscles and gets blood flowing; it should be an important part of every anti-ageing skin care program.
  • Water, a must: Dehydrated skin needs moisture, not oil. Drinking at least eight glasses of water per day helps. Splash your face with cool water often.
  • Replenish, restore: Cold winds dry out skin. Using a quality oil-based moisturiser or a day cream will jump start the oil glands, thus maintaining the essential pH balance of your skin.
  • Combat stress: Stress and worry cause frowning, and over time the muscles in the face actually conform to that movement. A holistic anti-ageing skin-care program should include meditation, yoga, gentle exercise or other relaxation techniques.
  • Sleep is important: One of the first places lack of sleep shows is on the face – dark circles, bags under the eyes and sagging skin. Research has shown that most adults function best with 8-9 hours of sleep each night but establish individual need.
  • A balanced diet: Unhealthy eating habits lead to an accumulation of toxins in your bloodstream. This affects the skin, giving it an unhealthy appearance. A balanced diet is important.
  • No to alcohol and cigarettes: Alcohol dilates small blood vessels in the skin causing increased blood flow near the skin’s surface, while cigarette smoke depletes your body of vitamin C that keeps skin plump and moist.
  • A skin analysis: Visit a dermatologist and get your skin analysed if you’ve not done so as yet. This will prevent further damage and reverse some of the harm already done. Dropping levels of estrogen can make us age faster, so take heed.


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