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Published on December 8th, 2016 | by Rima J Pundir

Fab Tips: Beauty Sleep

Good sleep is essential for health, but did you know it’s also imperative for beauty?

Beauty sleep is not just an idle phrase: snoozing really does improve your appearance. The right amount and kind of sleep, will make you look more rested, less stressed and overall more attractive!  While everyone needs different amounts of sleep, your goal should be to get six to eight hours of quality sleep each night. This much sleep stimulates growth hormones, which promotes an overall healthy body and allows more production of collagen and elastin – that keep your skin taut and youthful.

  1. Put that face up: What goes up comes down, and that’s true for skin too! All day long, gravity pulls your skin down, contributing to facial sagging and wrinkles. The night gives your skin a chance to relax and rejuvenate by lying down. If you sleep with your face pressed to the pillow, you’ll just look puffier in the morning (and develop sleep lines, ack!). Switch to sleeping on your back to allow gravity to exert a light stretching effect on your skin, in all directions, giving you a mini “face-lift” by morning.
  2. Get that cream: Most night creams comprise topical retinoids, which treat and target acne, brown spots and wrinkles. The absence of sunlight is what makes these creams and their active ingredient so very useful – best to apply these on a clean face juts before you plop into bed…
  3. Puffy eyes – your pillow may be the culprit: Your pillow is house to dust mites and their waste. If you are allergic, puffy eyelids may be an everyday occurrence for you! It’s time to do some allergy testing. Use an anti-allergy pillow or pillowcase protector in any case!
  4. An open mouth catches rot: One night-time habit that can seriously ruin your mouth’s good looks: sleeping with your mouth open. The environment your mouth is exposed to, dries the gums and enamel, causing gingivitis and possible tooth decay… So along with brushing and flossing, remember to keep that mouth shut.
  5. More sleep = a slimmer you: Lack of sleep makes you overeat and can also cause you to crave more calorie-dense, carbohydrate-rich foods. If your grocery list contains a large amount of cake, ice cream, pasta and bread, it’s time to hit the sack! A  study on the effects of diet and sleep has proven that if you are sleeping less, your body produces higher levels of ghrelin – a hormone that triggers hunger and slows down metabolism. If all the gymming and dieting is not budging you from that weight plateau then perhaps all you need to do is sleep…


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