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Published on January 3rd, 2017 | by Rima J Pundir

Skincare: Don’t do this

We’ve spoken plenty about what to do when it comes to skin care, but how about what not to do!

Bad Girl!

  1. To bed, with make-up: Gasp, ack, omigod; you sinner you! Get the message, right? Falling into bed with “dirty” skin – be it dirt or make-up particles is one of the biggest skin sins you can do. Why? Well, dirty skin cannot breathe, heal or repair itself at night – make this a habit and your skin will age much faster than you do… To make cleansing easier, find a product that can be gently massaged into the skin and wiped off.
  2. SPF, no thanks: Sin number one, two and three! Again, this is a BIG skin no-no – the sun ages our skin the fastest. All that lovely tan and bronzed skin means you will probably look like leather a decade later. So do buy that big bottle of SPF and then buy that SPF-tinted moisturizer and BB cream. Layer sun protection to maximise protection.
  3. Scrub-a-dub-too-much: Squeaky clean is not healthy skin and neither is a reddened or burning skin after your exfoliation – you are then probably using too harsh products or just using them too often. That home-use microdermbrasion is to be used according to pack directions – use it once too often and you are stripping skin off before it has started to repair itself – this will only add to your woes – not the smooth complexion you so lust after.
  4. Fidgety Queen: Popping pimples, squeezing blackheads, pressing whiteheads – seem similar? Well then we’re sure that blemishes are too one of your top skin woes. Inflammations, acne and other pore problems need expert care – get regular cleans-ups at your salon and ask them to recommend a few good supportive products for you. Picking your skin can cause inflammation that can also lead to scarring.
  5. Multi-tasking, a tad much: Face products are meant for the face and body products are meant for the body – a sometime substitute is okay but not all the time. Skin tissue on our body is thicker than the skin on the face, be sure to use face-specific products to treat the delicate skin.


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