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Published on January 11th, 2017 | by Yashodhara Ghosh

What’s your pick: Butter or Lotion?

Chilly winds making your skin scream for cream? Choose the right one then…

They say winters were made for warm blankets and large books. What this romantic imagery carefully leaves out of the picture is parched, dry skin. Small wonder then that as soon as the autumn leaves start to fall, lotions, oils and butters start flying off the racks. Rows and rows of beautifully packaged lotions and butters beckon with equal lure, we’ve got some answers for you when it comes to choices…

All for Lotion

  • What is it: Lotion is basically an emulsion of oil and water: the percentage of oil and water varies in different recipes to suit the needs of different skin types. Of course, with competitors flooding the market, manufacturers keep adding different permutations and combinations of beneficial ingredients: glycerine, aloe vera, jojoba, sunscreens, calamine. Take your pick.
  • Moolah matters: For many of us, the deciding factor is price. Lotions are pocket-friendly and make your skin reasonably happy!
  • Airy & Light: The good thing about lotions is they are light and so very easily and quickly absorbed into your skin. They don’t leave you feeling icky and sticky either. For many of you, that might be a clincher.
  • Brand Search: With each brand of lotion having about three variants to suit the needs of different skin types – dry, normal, oily – it’s a good idea to have a bottle of lotion on your shower rack all year round, and just slather some on before you step out of the bath. Try Nivea, Dove for their wide variety and their thick creaminess which helps hold in moisture better and means that they’ll last longer than the watery ones. Vaseline, Lakme and Neutrogena are equally good choices.

 Smooth as butter

  • What is it: Body butters are a whole different ballgame. To begin with, they are way denser than the ubiquitous lotion. In fact, it is this high viscosity that attracts some and repels others. But if your skin is dry and flaky, then butter will do the work that a lotion cannot. The secret to body butters is shea butter – wrested from the Shea tree found in the heart of Africa, it contains compounds and vitamins that not only replenish your skin, but also heal it, besides actually locking in moisture, and maintaining it for far longer than lotions can. Body butters with cocoa butter are actually used by new moms to alleviate stretch marks. Yes, it’s THAT effective. Other wondrous ingredients frequently found in body butters are olive oil, coconut butter and honey.
  • Moolah matters: Take a look at the ingredient list with its exhaustive emollients and now you know why that jar of body butter costs a pretty penny!
  • Rich for the skin: Unless you have really dry skin, limit the use of body butter to winter months. A little body butter goes a long way, so don’t saturate your skin with it. The ideal time to apply butter is after a bath at night, a while before bedtime. Knead it into your scaly elbows, knees, back, feet and sides as the butter can actually work its magic on your skin all night, so it’s soft and supple when you wake.


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Kaya Intense Hydration Body Lotion: “With Shea and Kokum Butter. Extreme weather conditions and harsh cleansers strip your skin of its essential oils. Kaya’s intense moisture lock formula keeps your skin hydrated for 24 hours without re-application. Shea and Kokum butter replenishes and restores essential oils to skin that is dry. It gets instantly absorbed in to the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth to touch. Its soothing fragrance will stimulate your senses all day long.” CLICK HERE to view product

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