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Published on January 24th, 2017 | by Jehan Raffiuddin

How To: Style Your Hair

Whether it’s Lady Gaga’s outlandish headpieces or Emma Watson’s girl-next-door head bands, celebs all over are incorporating these accessories in their red carpet ensembles, so why should you be far behind?

When you think of hair accessories, your mind probably jumps to ostentatious headpieces on the coifed hair-dos of brides, or worse, stark colourful pins and bands in the pigtails of 5-year-old girls. Time to change that mindset because hair accessories are the hottest fashion trend this season… After all these dreamy, inexpensive add-ons are not only great saviors to jazz up bad hair days but can also lend that desperate zing to a boring outfit. Here are some must have head blings to liven up your look.

Ponytails Bands

Ponytails have been the saviors for bad hair days and the shortcut to speedy styles since time immemorial. From Charlize Theron’s elegant low tie-up to Katy Perry’s bright blue high fountain, the ponytail’s popularity lies in it being fuss free and so versatile. With close to 85% of women preferring mid to Rapunzel hair lengths, it’s important to find your personal take on the ponytail that works best for you. Do this by opting for a parting that is most flattering to your face shape. You can style on the side, low at the nape of the neck or high on top to create variation to your ponytail. While a centre parting can look a trifle severe if you don’t have a fringe, a side parting or sweep back without a parting is great for a versatile look. Secure your beloved ponytail with some humble elastic band and you are good to go.

Hair Bands

Leighton Meester created fashion ripples with her bedazzled hair bands in Gossip Girl making this simple accessory the must have in our list. This is the simplest and quickest way jazz up your tresses. You can either wear hair bands on their own, or use it when you pull your hair back into a ponytail. If you feel they exude too much of a preppy vibe, opt for styles with flowers, spikes or sequence to make a vibrant and youthful statement.

Bejeweled bobby pins, barrettes, tiny flowers

  • With the heavy use of embellished bobby pins in fashion shows this year, this trend has really caught on. The beauty of using these bejeweled bobby pins is that they are so amazingly DIY. You can create a messy braid and simply add these for a glam effect.
  • Try a lovely half-up-half down hairdo with a barrette. A barrette’s colours make them very versatile you to dress them up or down depending upon the occasion.
  • Floral accessories are a great for a fresh spring look. Flowers do wonders to add a delicate, feminine and soft touch to your ensemble. You can go for a dark colored flower like a rose or daisy for a powerful look, or several tiny flowers for a subtle one.

Head wraps and turbans

If you are all about being free-spirited and living in the moment then a head wrap is the right accessory for you. Head wraps are the hippie alternative to the classic headband. Perfect with long, tousled waves, they are like a halo that rests on your locks and across your forehead. Bold colors and patterns can transform a simple attire whether dresses, jeans, and tops in an instant. Head wraps are a very inexpensive way to become a fashionista with a virgin spirit. Another hot hair accessory trending right now is hair turbans. Pair them with some huge sunglasses in the summer or a faux fur coat in the winter, to really embody the retro-chic vibe of this add on.


Hats are one hair accessory that can never go out of style. Banish a bad hair day and make an instant style statement using a range of hats to suit to style and mood. Try Parisian chic with a knit cap or floppy hats for a delicate English look. You can even steal your boyfriend’s fedora for that stylish sharp look.


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