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Published on February 7th, 2017 | by Ahana Basu

All That Your Lips Need

Honestly, it’s tough for me to write this. I go around buying lip balm and gloss like they’re going to save my life when the apocalypse arrives. I love lipstick so much I’ll probably go out on Valentine’s Day with Clinique Black Honey Lip Duo and a good book. But, truth be told, I suppose there are only so many lip products you really, really MUST have. So, here are a few essentials your lips need.

Soft touch

Whether you like lip colour or not, ensure that your lips are moisturised and pucker-ready at all times. There are various colourless lip balms available on the market – I love The Body Shop one in Satsuma Shimmer – but honestly, what works best for me is petroleum jelly (try Vaseline) and my Old Faithful, Boroline. Both these last throughout the day, no matter how dry the weather. For winter, use some on your lips every night so you don’t wake up all chapped. For day wear, you could also use the Lotus Herbals Lip Balm in Chocolate or the Vaadi Herbals range in Lychee or Blueberry.

Gloss over it

A touch of gloss never hurts, no matter how casual you’ve dressed. (I know people who wake up and use lip gloss first thing in the morning!). The thing about lip gloss, is that it can give you a subtle touch of glamour, with it looking like you’ve gone all-out and made too much effort. We all have those occasions where we wish we looked nicer, be it an office meeting that you’re late for, or a drink with friends or a dinner date that you just haven’t had the time to dress up for. That’s where a slick of lip gloss comes in really handy. Keep some in your handbag and one where you throw your house/car keys so you can snatch it up on your way out. Revlon’s Colourstay Everlasting Rum Colour is a great all-day buy, as is their new Just Bitten range in Honey. For a more party-look, L’Oreal’s Glam Shine Lip Gloss gives you a little extra sparkle.

Lipstick on your collar

Even the most muted lipstick has the power to give you a little extra appeal. It also somehow brightens up a drab outfit and day. Imagine you’ve just got out of work really late and you’re meeting friends. Or that dreamy guy from the third floor wants to meet and you’re still in your office wear. Keep a little mascara and a lipstick in your bag and it’ll take you five minutes to get yourself prettied up. For a dramatic look, try Maybelline Colorsensation Lip Colour in Summer Sunset or Colouressence  Mesmerising Lip Colour in Brick Red. Always have a subtle colour for day-wear such as Streetwear Luscious Lips in Peach Glory or Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Plump Perfect Lipstick in Petal.

In conclusion, a moisturiser, two lip glosses and 2-3 lipsticks would  be enough to keep your pout happy. Unless you’re an addict and can’t stop buying them, in which case I can only say, ‘solidarity!’

Lip products we love

Natio Smoothie Lip Colour : Sumptuous lip colour and conditioner in one ‘can do’ crayon, Smoothie Lip Colour Crayons deliver a quick slick of smooth, saturated colour. Available in eight mouth-watering shades ranging from soft neutrals to vivid colours. CLICK HERE to view product

Palladio Be Chic Lip Stick : With luxurious moisture and pigment, this electrifying formula comes in 33 high-fashion shades that are sure to make heads turn. Full-coverage properties keep color in place for hours without drying the lips. CLICK HERE to view product

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme : If an enviable pout is what you are looking for, Sally Hansen’s lip plumper just might be the answer. Its intense formula supersizes the lips for hours. Its micro-spheres with exclusive hydro-collagen complex helps boost fullness and shine. Its formula, though spicy, enhances lips’s natural colour, giving healthier and pinker lips. CLICK HERE to view product

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