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Published on February 7th, 2017 | by Neharika Sabharwal

In Your Beauty Routine: Basil

Making its mark in the cosmetic industry, Tulsi, as it’s referred in India, is now a trade mark for beauty goodness and pampering.

Your mum loves it in her evening tea, your grandma revers it at sunrise, you can’t enjoy your pasta without it. The humble basil seems to make the world go round. This green, leafy herb is also the heartthrob of women world over because of its unique beauty benefits. Look out spice market! Basil is here to stay as the herb of all things beautiful! Tulsi literally means the “incomparable one” and boy it sure lives up to that name when it comes to its perks. Lone standing or paired up with essential oils, basil is an accomplished herb for the mind, body and soul. Let’s start from top down.


Poor scalp circulation is the culprit for hair loss. Try basil essential oil or shampoos with basil extracts to treat it. The herb is a good source of magnesium that stimulates blood circulation to the scalp which regenerates the hair follicles eventually producing healthy hair. Basil tea is also known to help with dandruff and moisturize tresses to restore lustre.


  • Include this herb in your daily beauty treatments for a smooth, beautiful and youthful complexion. Basil is an established ingredient to remedy acne-prone skin. Its antiseptic properties, helps eradicate existing acne and soothe the skin by helping with circulation.
  • Using basil to clean and detoxify your skin is pretty easy. You can make a simple tea-like splash for your face by boiling water with some dried basil leaves and letting it sit in the fridge for a while. Massage this gentle tea into your skin and then rinse with it to immediately notice it work its charm for a healthy glow.
  • Basil is also amazingly refreshing as a face mask. Make one at home by grinding basil leaves and mixing it with some egg white and sea salt. Hate the smell of egg? Substitute it with yoghurt and distilled water. Keep the mask on for about 20 minutes and wash with tepid water. Basil combined with turmeric and mint also makes an excellent spot corrector for your skin.
  • Little known fact about basil: It has a high concentration of orientin and vicenin which are anti-aging elements. These have been known to protect the cell structures from oxidation, which causes ageing, so use it to fight off fine lines and a dull complexion.


For moisturised skin that feels fresh morning to night, mix fresh basil extracts with avocado or olive oil. This try-at-home paste may be messy, but your skin will thank you for it. You can also follow the age old Indian custom of putting some basil leaves in your bathing water for skin that’s smooth and disease free. Basil has antiseptic properties that help get rid of many skin disorders, like ringworms, rashes and eczema without any side effects. It also imparts a soothing and cooling effect to the body.

Go ahead, pluck a few leaves…


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