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Published on February 10th, 2017 | by Khushboo Rawal

How To: Make Perfume Last Longer

Smelling right is not about just spraying perfume but the right way and the right perfume. Here’s some know how…

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” – Coco Chanel. Rightly said and spoilt for choice, smelling great will never go out of style. But before we get ahead of ourselves and splurge it all, let’s decode the method to buy it right.

Day or night?

Perfumes can smell different during the day and night. You start the day feeling fresh after a shower. The perfume you choose to wear will be at its strongest note in the morning before it mixes with your sweat and starts fading off over the day, smelling somewhat stale at night. Choose day perfumes that are light and flowery rather than going off into the oriental or musky end – keep the more sensual and stronger ones for nightwear. The stronger the perfume, the more stale it gets over time as opposed to lasting longer. Light perfumes in fact have more staying power than stronger ones!

Let it linger

A new perfume will take some time to settle underneath your skin. Once you have shortlisted some, spray one on your inner wrist or behind ear lobes. Wait for 5 minutes and feel the way you smell. If it smells like you and more then go for it. The pulse points are the closest to the blood vessels and take a few minutes before you can sense the correct note of a perfume. If you try to but it based on the first sniff, then all you will do is inhale a lot of alcohol (hic).

Smelly art!

Wearing the perfume right is an art. You can dab all the perfume you want and yet end up smelling unpleasant if you wear it wrong…

  1. The key is to spray in case of Eau De Parfums is to spritz 5-6 inches away from the pulse points. Dab a little more in case of Eau De Toillettes, since they are milder than pure perfumes but don’t over do it. Nobody likes to walk into a fragrance bubble.
  2. When buying, your best bet is to try on a new perfume and let it linger for a day if you have enough time on your hand.
  3. While you are out shopping for your perfume, don’t spray different ones on your pulse points. You will end up being confused and cloudy with a mix of too many fragrances. Ask the sales guy to spray on some on paper sticks. Hold it for a few minutes before you smell it. Alternate every new fragrance with coffee beans to cleanse your olfactory palate.
  4. A lot of us are habituated to rubbing the wrists together after wearing the perfumes. Let’s get done with that. Rubbing it can change the way it should smell on your skin as it can crush the smell. Also, putting it on your clothes will limit its scent.
  5. If you love your perfumes, then take a step back from the scented moisturizers (surprise, surprise!). These can mix with your perfumes and even give you a body odour. We root for the fragrance-free moisturizers that don’t interfere with your perfume.


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