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Published on February 22nd, 2017 | by Rima J Pundir

Fab Tips: Beauty Savers

Beauty is as beauty saved, particularly when it comes to money!

Out of beauty products? Before you dash out to the nearest store and buy that product, plus 10 more – here’s a little cheat guide on substitutes!

  1. Out of cuticle oil or cream? Olive oil, lip balm or Vaseline will all do the job.
  2. Mascara clumped out? Use black liquid eyeliner instead. Swish the brush over the bottoms of your top lashes, then dab off excess with tissue.
  3. Creme blush swiped on lips can give you a sexy tint when you’re out of lipgloss. Also lipsticks or even glosses can be used as blush in a pinch
  4. Lemon juice works as a natural astringent when you’re out of toner.
  5. Brown or black eyeshadows can fill in lean brows—no need for pricey brow powder.
  6. In the shower with no body wash? Filch HIS shaving cream instead or slather your hair conditioner on instead; it leaves legs super-sexy.
  7. A drop of moisturiser de-frizzes hair almost as well as serum.
  8. Pressed powder blended with moisturiser is a great stand-in for concealer. As is the thick foundation gunk in the cap.
  9. A little shine serum can double as a mild brow gel.
  10. Run out of eyeliner? Use mascara on a small eyeshadow sponge or Q-tip and swipe on top of the lash line.


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