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Published on February 24th, 2017 | by Riya Bakliwal

Why To: Body Massage












Most of you would agree a massage makes one feel really good. But you may not be aware exactly how great those regular spa appointments are for your overall health. Massages don’t just feel good, they actually do good. Regular sessions result in healthier hair, more radiant skin and a significant reduction in stress levels.  Even a simple head or foot massage can do wonders. Although these spa appointments are often seen as an unnecessary indulgence, they could help you save some moolah on beauty and health in the long run. Here’s how they help you.

Ultimate Stress Buster
Stress related issues are at an all time high. A massage is great way to combat this. The pressing and kneading action by your masseuse releases a hormone called Oxytocin that rejuvenates and repairs you emotionally. This release aids the body to enter into a deep relaxation mode. This is why it is particularly important for our busy girlfriends to take time off for some TLC.

Natural Pain Relief
It is so convenient to pop in a painkiller for throbbing headaches or muscle pain.  Replacing this unhealthy pattern with a stimulating massage can help lessen or relieve you completely from these aches. Special ingredients are used in the oils and rubs that contain healing properties to soothe the damaged muscles.

Boosts Blood circulation
Poor blood circulation can show its effects in your body. Apart from health disorders, it can result in the formation of cellulite. Trained hands of your massage therapist can work into those problem areas and help regulate the blood circulation. This in turn helps in cell regeneration and growth, which means injuries heal faster, internal organs function normally and you look and feel fantastic.

Reduces Anxiety
Many studies have proven the effectiveness of therapeutic massages in anxiety related issues and disorders. The relaxed sessions help you switch off the continuous chatter in your head, giving yourself that much needed ‘me-time’. This induced relaxation helps the mind deal with stress and anxiety of our hectic lifestyles.


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