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Published on March 21st, 2017 | by Yashodhara Ghosh

That Look: Like Rihanna!

From her red hair to her pink lips to the recent I’m-comfortable-barely-dressed carnival look – Rihanna has always been a style goddess of sorts – including her rather glamorous nude make-up.

Ever since she ditched her conventional long locks and traded them for an uber-cool, super-short pixie crop, Rihanna was catapulted to star status in our look book. It’s been many years since that dramatic hairdo made its debut, and she has since acquired the reputation of a chameleon when it comes to her appearance, changing her appearance before you can say ‘makeover,’ and constantly metamorphosing and reinventing herself in racier, edgier looks.

Get the look

But sometimes it pays to go back to the start, when things were simpler, fresher, and still oozed oodles of glamour. We’re taking about Rihanna’s flawness nude look at the 2008 Santa Monica Spirit of Life Awards. The look is a lesson in the fine art of contouring, and teaches quite a few valuable lessons to those who want to experiment with the nude range of hues.

  • Eye spy: To blend in the eye shadow perfectly, RiRi’s makeup artist Mylah Morales uses a mineral eye shadow primer on the eyelids. She then uses a matte light brown on the lower base of her eye lids, till she reaches the first crease. The brown is barely there, but balances out the pigment of the copper-red that follows beyond the crease. The copper-red is the perfect complement to her brown skin tone, and adds depth to an otherwise subtle look. As Morales approaches the higher reaches of the eye lid and moves towards the brow bone, she blends out the copper-brown completely and holds back on colour. Instead, she adds a nude concealer, adding a touch of vanilla shimmer for that subtle sheen. The three products are blended to perfection and merge seamlessly into one another to create the perfect backdrop for those impeccable lashes.
  • Lash look: Morales uses long, fake lashes, which are pasted, combed out, curled with an eyelash curler, and kept separate with a light coat of mascara and eyelash gel. The painstaking work that has gone into those lashes is worth all the effort, adding sharpness to the look. Morales skips the liner to keep the look bare, and focus the attention on the play of eye shadow colours. The lower lashes are kept bare, with a good helping of concealer to lighten the skin colour by several shades. This, again, heightens the angularity of those perfectly coiffed and combed eye lashes.
  • Skin-tillating: Morales uses foundation and pressed translucent powder that are several shades lighter than Rihanna’s brown skin tone, to create the perfect canvas on which to play with different nude shades. Her cheek bones are contoured to perfection using the most flattering shade of coral-bronze blush. There’s just a hint of shine on the apple of her cheeks. The forehead and bridge of the nose are also browned for that sun-kissed tanned look with delicate use of a matte cocoa powder blush. The contouring is just spot-on, chiselling her slight nose, taking attention away from her wide forehead, and deepening the sharpness of those enviable cheekbones.
  • Luscious lips: Rihanna truly has a pout to envy, with that full, curved lower lip and that chiselled Cupid’s bow crowning it. For this look, Morales keeps it very simple, using a glossy nude pink which is painted on with care.
  • Hear it for hair!  The hairdo is truly a work of art – softly curled and volumised, the 50s bouffant up do in the front frames her forehead. To add edge to the otherwise vintage styling, you have an asymmetric, closely shorn crop on the side. It’s an almost miraculous combination of the past and the present, the classic and the cool.

 What we learn from this look

That femininity can be more attractive if it comes with a touch of androgyny, which has since been Rihanna’s signature fashion statement. And that the nude look doesn’t have to be devoid of colour. You can look natural yet glamorous, and the nude look is perfect for this purpose.


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