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Published on March 23rd, 2017 | by Rima J Pundir

About Beauty Myths!

Time for freedom from beauty myths and mistakes. We bust 7 common ones for you. 

Beauty is as beauty does – and while the proverb meant to convey a deeper, more subliminal message that aimed at correcting morals – we are twisting this around to make you error free when it comes to beauty routines. The right beauty routine makes all the difference in giving you that extra zing that’s certain to get you double takes and take your self confidence sky high. 

Myth 1: I don’t need moisturizing, I have oily skin

So wrong; moisturising means hydrating the skin, not oiling it! What you need is to choose a moisturiser for YOUR skin type – oily and combination skins do well with gel-based ones! If you don’t apply mousturiser, your skin starts getting dry thus causing an overdrive in oil production leading to oily and flaky patches on the skin.


Myth 2: Wash, scrub and slough off acne

Acne cannot be ‘washed’ off. Excessively harsh products strip the skin of oils leaving it dry and stretchy – this in turn causes more of oil production and increases acne instead of subsiding it. Choose acne based products or dermatologist recommended ones that are gentle on the skin but effective on the acne. A good toner will further deep cleanse…


Myth 3: SPF once in the morning lasts throughout 

So not! Applying sunscreen once is a common mistake that most of us make. Another common myth is that you do not need a sunscreen unless actually being ‘out’ in the sun. The sun’s harmful UV radiation is everywhere – from your home, office, the mall to your car. Use a good SPF (20 is usually good) with added UVA filters. Also apply a sunscreen only after your serums and lotions so that it forms a protective barrier, and lets the serum or the lotion get absorbed by the skin.


Myth 4: She loved it, so would I!

Let friendship not intrude into beauty routines – beauty products and cosmetics should be chosen only according to skin type and according to dermatologist’s recommendation (in case of a skin problem). Also, when trying a new range or product, give time for your skin to react to the product. That means observe your skin – pay attention to how it feels, how it looks, over a period of time, for at least three weeks or so before sticking to it, or chucking it out! However if you have an allergic reaction, promptly stop using it and visit your dermatologist. 

Myth 5: Shampoo: every day bad, all over good!

This one is the cause of many a damaged and dry mane. Shampoo only the scalp (and condition only the hair) for healthy, clean and conditioned hair. Also, you do use soap everyday on your skin, so shampooing your scalp everyday (with a mild shampoo please!) does not harm the hair but keeps it clean of sweat, grime and buildup. You can condition hair everyday too if you have a curly, frizzy mane like mine! Another tip: every second or third day – oil your scalp (no need to oil the actual hair) and give it a quick 10-minutes massage. Destresses the tresses, and you!

Myth 6: Smother on (and sleep with) eye cream

Since it’s pointed out everywhere that the skin around the eyes in thin and delicate; smothering eye cream at night and leaving it on overnight is a common practice with many. Most think this will help prevent wrinkles. This actually works in reverse, eye cream should not be left on all night around the eyes (unless it’s night eye cream) as it might lead to puffy eyes due to extra hydration! A quick morning application works and use only the prescribed amount – an eye cream should not be left on as an eye mask.


Myth 7: Blackheads are nothing but dirt trapped in the skin 

Most people therefore, tend to pinch them with the nails, or wash the face several times a day. This is the worst skin-care offence of all – pinching them can cause skin infections, eruptions and can also leave you with scars. Blackheads are caused by the clogging of the pores with hardened oil. The tip, which is exposed, becomes oxidised and turns black. Hence the term blackheads. Experts suggest the use of scrubs (once a week only!) to dislodge and discourage blackheads. Stubborn ones may be extracted at a skin care clinic or your salon.

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