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Published on April 12th, 2017 | by Gayatri Dahiya

To Try: Pre-waxed strips

Waxing trips (to the salon) proving too expensive – be it time or money-wise? Try waxing strips instead!

Dip, spread, rub, and yank (ouch!), repeat procedure – this adequately describes the sequence of events involved in (salon) waxing. Now, add ‘messy,’ ‘sticky,’ and ‘extra painful’ to that equation and you’ve got yourself the recipe for waxing yourself at home. Correct? Not anymore. Say hello to your new best friend – pre-waxed strips! These are strips that coated in a layer of synthetic wax on one end, which is used to remove hair almost exactly like your regular waxing procedure. Mostly, these also come with a pack of (tiny) wipes for using after waxing to remove residual wax.

DIY (without pain)

Having used these for a couple of months now, we can safely say that these are actually really simple to use, and very safe. Instructions of usage are as follows:

  1. Thoroughly cleanse the area to be waxed, and ensure that the skin is free of oils, lotions, moisturizers and sweat. (Preferably, keep the AC or fan on.)
  2. Dry the cleansed area and dust with talcum powder (to increase hold).
  3. Take the wax strip, hold it between both hands (facing the palms); rub the strip to warm and soften the wax. We’d definitely recommend a tip here: use a blow dryer instead for faster and more effective results.
  4. Pull apart the warmed and softened strips by carefully pulling the sides apart.
  5. Apply one strip to the area you wish to wax. Press down firmly on the strip and smooth it in the direction of the hair growth for at least 15 seconds.
  6. While the wax is pressed down, fan the strip to cool the wax and have it grip the hair (if the wax is still in a semi-melted state, it will leave behind small hair and sticky residue). Make sure the wax is completely dry and cooled before you yank the strip.
  7. Pull the strip, using the tab at one end, in the opposite direction of the hair growth in one clean, swift motion. Do not leave the strip on the skin or remove it slowly as this will result in wax sticking to your skin and it will hamper your results (and cause more pain).
  8. Repeat procedure on other areas.
  9. Once done, use the wipe provided the clean off gummy residue. You may want to rub in some soothing aloe vera thereafter to let the redness subside.

Are they effective?

In most cases, yes, they are. Although, the level of effectiveness depends entirely on your hair type (these aren’t as effective with coarse hair), and your own expertise. If it isn’t warm enough, it won’t stick to the hair; if it doesn’t cool on the skin, it won’t grip all the hair; if it isn’t pulled correctly, it may not yank all the hair, and more. Having outlined that, this isn’t rocket science. Just follow the instructions above and you’re bound to be impressed by the results. But remember to always do a patch test first to rule out a skin reaction to the strips. The perks are many: it’s easy, less time consuming, and so much cheaper but these aren’t very useful for underarm and bikini hair, or coarse (and small) hair elsewhere. Repeated usage on the same spot does lead to burning and redness (and even swelling, as our poor writer once observed with an aggressive hair-yanking attempt gone wrong!). Ideally you should try and hit the salon once in a while to be as immaculately groomed as you’d expect to be. These strips are best treated as only a last minute resort and/or if you’re saving the dough.

Can these be used on the face?

Yes, they can, but given the sensitive nature of facial skin (and the possible requirement of using them repeatedly on smaller, harder-to-tug hair), you might end up with some redness or rashes. Use the ones recommended for sensitive skin for best results.


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