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Published on May 3rd, 2017 | by Rima J Pundir

One Colour Makeup Look

Need a super make-up look that takes just one colour product? Here you go!

Sunday is back, and so is a night out, or a night in – let’s save some time on getting ready and not be the diva preening in front of the mirror all day – the idea is to have fun, so let fun take centre stage!



Have a white eye shadow that you’ve been using only as a highlighter? This time, apply it on the entire lid & add to your eyes a dash of liner & mascara. If you’re a fan of the smokey eye look, you can use some grey or black eye shadow in the outer corners to give your peepers some depth. Liner styles like Egyptian & Winged look amazing when teamed up with a white shadow. This shade also makes your eyes look bigger and brighter, drawing focus to them. Finish the look with a dash of hot pink lipstick. Add a product: A dab of peach eye shadow will enhance the look.

 Sultry Burgundy

Have a deep maroon, almost ox-blood lipstick that you have been saving for something special? Well then, whip it out! Begin with a clean face, that’s adequately serum-ed and moisturized and then add in your favourite beauty balm. Then, fill in your lips with the burgundy lipstick. Don’t stop just there but, using your fingers dab a little of the lipstick onto your eyelid, piling on till you like the colour achieved. Use a hint of blush in soft pink if you feel the need, and add some mascara. That’s it – you are done! Add a product: You can choose to darken your eyebrows a tad to enhance the look.

Pink’d up

Have a pink blush that you just adore for its super colour? Well, try it on your lips too!  Again, a clean face, serum and then beauty balm or foundation and then some a compact for really gorgeous skin. Then, put on your blush as usual. Now pat the blush onto your lips, using your finger till you get the colour required – if it’s a crème blush then you’re done, but if was a powder blush, then just add some clear gloss or balm on your lips. You’re done! Add a product: A black eyeliner and mascara can really add some oomph to this look!

Bronze diva

Love your lovely bronzer? Then just use it all over for a gorgeously metal look. Plump out clean skin with serum and then just use a beauty balm for soft coverage. Use the bronzer all over – your face, on your eyes and a tad on your lips. Finish with some clear gloss and mascara. Add a product: To break the colour monotony – you can choose to layer your lips with a pinkish gloss.

Enjoy your Sunday with some great looks created with minimum effort! Cheers!

Here are some fab products that will help you get any of these looks:

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