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Mother's Day Special

Published on May 11th, 2017 | by Jehan Raffiuddin

10 Awesome Gifting Ideas For Every Type Of Mom

Let’s make her feel special – choose the perfect gift for your mom according to her personality!

A mother’s influence on our lives is immeasurable. From teaching us to stand up for ourselves to instilling values in us to helping us always choose the right track, mothers provide unconditional hugs, love and support throughout our lives. With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s our opportunity to appreciate her, thank her and give her the tightest hug, ever!

Here are some things that will make every mom feel special – read on and gift your mom according to her personality!

Type #1 – Workaholic Ma

She has made you everything you are today – independent, strong and confident! She believes in your dreams, and trusts you to fulfill them. Her work ethics and discipline inspires you to be a better person each day.  If this sounds like a description of your mom, read on to know what you can gift her on Mother’s Day –

MD 1


  1. Boss Lady Luggage Tag

Let her know that you appreciate her hard work with the #BossLady tag. You can make a handmade Boss Lady tag, or you may get it customized.

  1. Spa Treatment

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, and it’s the perfect time for her to relax. Book an appointment at the best spa in town and give her the most relaxing gift, EVER! Trust me, she’ll be on cloud nine.

Type #2 – Social Media Lover Ma

Her social profile is like a page from the magazine. She knows more about social media than you do. From perfect #hashtags to filtered Snapchat selfies, she’s a pro at social media! If this sounds like a description of your mom, read on to know what you can gift her on Mother’s Day –

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  1. Phone Cover

A mother, who LOVES social media, would definitely love her mobile. Buy her a mobile cover, or recycle the old one by hand painting.

  1. Handmade Social Media Card/Photo Frame

Why to keep those social media icons only on her phone? Make her a card with social media icons with something amazing written on it!

Or you may gift a handmade vintage photo frame with a photograph of her college days. She’ll love it, and of course, it’s worth an Instagram post!

Type #3 – That ‘Best Friend’ Ma

She’s your best friend – the one you can share everything and anything with. You guys go brunches together and you don’t even mind taking her to bars! She’s friends with your best friends, she’s even aware of your boyfriend list and she loves when you live the life of your dreams. If this sounds like a description of your mom, read on to know what you can gift her on Mother’s Day –

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  1. Personalized Stuff

The kind of connection you share with her is so beautiful. Let her know you adore her with something that’s personalized – that depicts the connection you have with your mother.

Type #4 – Foodie/Masterchef Ma

You have to admit, home is home because of maa ke haath ka khana. She’s the one true Masterchef, and she doesn’t really need that label from Sanjeev Kapoor. She’s also a foodie – the one who knows “what where and when to eat.” She knows every corner of every good restaurant in your city. Her ultimate bucket list is to try her favourite food places from all around the world. If this sounds like a description of your mom, read on to know what you can gift her on Mother’s Day –

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  1. Sunday Brunch At Her Favourite Place

We love Sunday brunches, don’t we? AND MOTHER’S DAY IS ON THIS SUNDAY! Take your mom for a brunch at her favourite/bucket list place and see her eating in joy.

  1. Kettle and Tea Cup Set

There are no ‘many’ tea sets at home! Kettle and tea sets are one of the most welcoming gifts, no matter what the occasion is! Grab a beautiful piece of set, just like your mom loves.


Type #5 – Beauty Addict Ma

You find her dressing table filled with the best of beauty products. She’s the one who has at least 5 lipsticks in her to-go bag. Her beauty advises are something you blindly trust because you know they always work. You don’t really have to watch makeup tutorial online because you already have a pro at home.  If this sounds like a description of your mom, read on to know what you can gift her on Mother’s Day –

MD 5

  1. FABBAG Subscription Box

Don’t you think beauty subscription boxes are the best gift for a beauty addict mother? Celebrate Mother’s Day every month with FAB BAG – gift your mom the best of beauty!



2. Beauty Gift Hampers

Add a little more beauty in her life with beauty gift hampers. Beauty hampers are the perfect gift for her. Try out different beauty brands that she never really used, or the ones that she wants to use. You’ll find plenty of options online and one such option is SUGAR’s gift pouches!


Type #6 – Shopaholic and Fashionista Ma

She’s your role model, and your personal stylist. She’s the no-fail option when you need some great styling advises. Her closet looks like the one Carrie Bradshaw has! You find world’s most beautiful pieces in her closet which you can’t wait to try on in near future. If this sounds like a description of your mom, read on to know what you can gift her on Mother’s Day –

MD 6

  1. Gift Card/Voucher

A little addition to the closet always brings smile to her face! And you really don’t want to miss that, do you? So grab a gift card/voucher from her favourite brand. To name some gift cards, there’s – Forever 21, Shopper Stop, Amazon and so on!

One gift that every mother will love –

‘Ma’ Necklace

Let your ‘Ma’ know that she’s the queen of your heart. Appreciate your Ma every day because she deserves every bit of it! Take a moment and thank her for being your sunshine every single time.


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