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Mother's Day Special

Published on May 12th, 2017 | by Jehan Raffiuddin

Dear Mom, 7 Reasons You Are My Superwoman!

Dear Mom,

Thanks for not leaving me in a basket somewhere – and also thanks for letting me know I am NOT adopted from some random street. You know what they say – God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. Well, that’s true. You’re the purest form of love. But mom, there are no words in my dictionary that can really express how much I love you. All I can say is, you are my superwoman – my hero, and you inspire me. So here I present a little piece to let you know why you are my superwoman –

  1. You Make Me Strong

You’ve made me stronger each day! No matter what went wrong, you hold me together, gave me the courage to smile, laugh and have fun. The times when I feared society, you taught me to stand up for myself – to wear what I want, to go where I want and to come back home late night after work. You’ve always believed in me. Your support and love has made me the successful woman I am today.

  1. You Just Get It. Every. Single. Time.

Remember that day I came home – not wanting to have food, you came in my room and simply gave me a tight hug. You understood that I had a bad day at work. I don’t know how you just get it – every single time! Whether it has been a bad day at work or a fight with my best friend/boyfriend, you just get to know there’s something wrong. It’s amazing how you make my day better after everything that goes wrong in my life.

  1. You Juggle Between Personal And Professional Life Like A Pro

Mom, you’re a pro at prioritizing family and work at the same time. Juggling between family and work is not an easy task, but you made it look so effortless. We all carry work pressure at home but I’ve never seen you doing that! It’s not like you don’t have any, it’s just that you choose to prioritize family time over work pressure. Family comes first, that’s your mantra for happiness. I’ve seen it and I’ve heard people complimenting you.

  1. You Double Up Your Role

Remember my teenage years? I’ve been a tough kid, no? But you’ve managed to stick around me – playing different roles at different times for different situations. You always double up your role – from being my only friend in school time to being my comedian when I was sad to being my partner-in-crime when I was bored – you’ve always been there. You’re not just a mother; you are a friend, a comedian, a mentor, a confidant, a support system and what not!

  1. You Listen To All My Pointless Dramas

From my first heartbreak to my first shitty job, you’ve been by my side handling all my tantrums without any complain. There’s no one out there who can put up with a daughter like me, I think you did a great job, MOM. Thank you for putting up with all my pointless drama.

  1. You Treat Every Single Person With Respect

Whether it’s your soft moment of kindness with a poor or one of giving water to everybody that comes home – it doesn’t take much for you to teach me how to respect people. You treat every person with respect, no matter how rich or poor he is! From building watchmen to a neighbour who owns an Audi, I’ve never seen you giving unequal treatment to any.

  1. You’ve Given Me The Best

It’s incredible what you’ve done for me! You never compromised my needs, even if that meant compromising your own. From fanciest Barbie bag for school to getting me my first ever laptop, you’ve always given me the best of everything. I simply can’t thank you enough for all the compromises that you’ve made for me.

If I could be the half of what you are, I’ll consider myself the luckiest person in the universe. And then I’ll say, “I’ve definitely got it from my mama!”

Much Love,

Your Prettiest Daughter

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