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Published on May 12th, 2017 | by Gayatri Dahiya

How To: Care For Eyes

Caring for the sensitive skin around the eyes is easier than you think, and will keep you free of under-eye circle and crow’s feet for long!

Henry David Thoreau once famously remarked, and rightly so, “The eye is the jewel of the body.” One can only assume that Mr. Thoreau, like many before and after him, had obviously been mesmerised by the beauty of some dame’s pretty peepers to add to the ever expanding repository of prose dedicated to [a woman’s] eyes. Your eyes may be your window to your soul, or your view of the world, but they are probably one of the most sensitive features of your facial anatomy (and the most prized). This is why, it is essential to treat them and care for them as diligently as you would for the rest of your face. So, you spend tonnes of dough on getting facials, using the best products, religiously following a CTM routine, eating healthy and sleeping well, but you’re still struggling with the oft heard complaints of dark circles, crow’s feet, puffy eyes, bags under the eyes, popping veins, and more…

Take Care

Most women, as conscious as they may be of taking regular care of their skin, often tend to neglect the sensitive skin around the eyes. Indian women, especially, brave the forces of pollution, dust, harsh weather, sun damage, and dehydration; hence, further damaging the very thin layer of skin around the eyes. The delicate skin around your eyes is MOST susceptible to ageing; in fact, the first signs of ageing, tiredness, dehydration, stress, sleep deprivation, alcohol consumption, smoking et al can be noticed around the eyes and can often become irreversible if not tended to carefully. If you want to look young and fresh till as long as you can, here are some simple steps you could take towards maintaining healthier eye skin.

  1. Be Gentle: When applying creams, serums or makeup—don’t scrub, wipe or rub vigorously, it can damage tiny blood vessels under your eyes and result in dark circles and wrinkling. Always apply moisturisers and cleansers with a very soft touch, patting it on with your ring finger, and avoid rubbing.
  2. Hydrate and Moisturise: Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day, and regularly use a good under-eye product (apply it very gently). Be wary of harsh anti-ageing products that are meant for the entire face because alphahydroxy acids, retinol and other common anti-ageing ingredients might irritate this sensitive area.
  3. Cool it Down: Use cucumber slices, cold wet tea bags, or cotton balls soaked in cool milk to soothe irritated eyes, help moisturise the surrounding skin, and decrease dark circles and puffiness.
  4. Guard against Sun-Damage: Not guarding against sun-damage is the WORST thing you could do to your skin (and especially, eyes). Think early wrinkling and deepened crow’s feet! When in the sun, apply a minimum 30 SPF sunscreen around your eyes, and wear UV-protected sunglasses as well.
  5. Quit smoking: Not only can it kill you (eventually), it’ll damage all of your skin, and is especially harmful to the delicate skin around the eyes. Do yourself a favour, and quit cold turkey now.
  6. Remove ALL Makeup: The cardinal rule of skincare applies especially to sensitive eye skin—remove all makeup before sleeping, even those traces of seemingly harmless kajal. Vellvette recommends using a cotton ball with baby oil or raw milk, or using a good eye make-up remover meant for sensitive skin.
  7. Eat Well & Sleep Well: If you want healthy skin around the eyes, be sure to eat your greens, get some milk, and get at least 8-9 hours of sleep regularly. Sleep deprivation and a poor diet are the leading causes of under-eye problems—catch up on the zzz’s, get your diet in order, and see your eyes sparkle.


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