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Published on May 19th, 2017 | by Soma Priya

Look Good: Inside and Out

Marilyn Monroe would not have looked so good in her flying skirt if there were granny pants peeking out from under there. As important it is to have a good wardrobe, it’s imperative to have good UGs of all types…

When it comes to undergarments, quality and comfort matters most. Also, one style can’t go with your entire wardrobe. We often have varieties of garments which require special types of underwear, like skinny white trousers, ultra low waist denims and miniskirts, lest you want to embarrass yourself showing visible panty lines from your sheer fabric. There are various types of women underwear based on the different styles. Different styles support different functionality.

Choose Right

  • Briefs: Briefs are the most basic type of underwear, also known as classic panty. It provides full back, front and side coverage and the waist band rests below the belly button. One can choose from basic cotton briefs to sporty and lacy types. Another type of brief is control or high waist brief which is worn mainly to contour tummy area. It smooths the tummy area and provides a slimmer silhouette.
  • Bikini: Bikini underwear looks similar to briefs but the cut of bikini is more pronounced and has a narrow side waist. The waist line is also a little lower resting on the hips. Side waist may or may not be stringy. A lot of women find bikini underwear comfortable for daily wear.
  • Hipsters: Hipsters are sporty and flirtatious. They offer full coverage and the silhouette extends just below the bum to give a flat appearance against the body. Hipsters reduce the appearance of panty lines but do not make them completely invisible. It is ideal for low waist garments as the waistline rests quite low. They are also known as boy shorts.
  • Tangas: It falls between a bikini and a thong. It has a narrow back coverage and a medium front coverage. When worn, the lower part of the bottoms remains exposed. The side waistband is very thin. They reduce visible brief lines and so are favored by women who like to wear tight fitting clothing.
  • Thongs: Thongs are ideal for women who wear either light color clothing or body hugging clothing. The back coverage is not complete. The back and front are joined by a narrow piece of fabric with the crotch extending backwards so that a narrow piece of fabric fits between hips.
  • G string: One of the sexiest forms of underwear, G string offer minimalistic coverage. The Rear portion has a wider triangular fabric which is joined by an elastic band to the front smaller triangular piece of fabric. The cheeks of the glutes remain very much exposed. The waist line rests low and is connected with a thin elastic band.
  • Seamless: Made out usually from spandex, it comes in various styles. It hugs body and is not noticeable under any garment.
  • Padded: Women with flat bottom can opt for padded underwear which give a boost to glutes and provide a booty-licious appeal to the otherwise flat bottoms.

Whenever buying underwear, irrespective of the style, check the material. Literally, the whole day you are in that quintessential underwear, so your comfort must take priority above design. Go for one that aids in proper aeration and makes you take strides confidently.


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