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Published on May 30th, 2017 | by Sharmila Chand

Monsoon Ready Hairstyles

Rain making your hair all messy? Don’t fret, frizz can actually translate to some really cool hairstyles!

To begin with, ensure that in the monsoons, your hair is hydrated with the right hair products. Use a moisturizing or hydrating shampoo and choose styling products without alcohol. Don’t shampoo everyday but apply a gentle conditioner at the ends and wash off for soft hair. Use a deep conditioner once a week; it will help tame the frizzies.

Stylish tresses

Let the weather be lousy, but who says your cascading, frizzed-up waves have to be? Try these hairstyles that take frizzy hair from oof to oomph!

  • A messy hair-do: Don’t go bananas trying to straighten your hair, embrace the frizz with a stylish messy look. Run some mousse through your hair and then leave the strands loose to frame your face. Flaunt your nice, beach-natural look!
  • A ballerina bun: Bring back those pink tutu days – comb your hair back into a slick ponytail or tight ballerina bun and finish it off with some spray to hold it in place.  The ballerina bun is a smart way to camouflage unruly hair.
  • Sock it: Sock buns are the perfect hairstyle for a rainy day! All the celebs do it, and with messy hair, it looks even better!
  • Braid it: Braiding is one of the easiest ways to keep frizzy hair under control. If your hair is super long, bring it all to one side and make a nice lose side braid. It can definitely amp up your oomph factor.
  • A cover up: If you don’t have time to tame your frizzy hair, you still have a great style to embrace. Pick up a pretty scarf or wrap and tie in a stylish manner.  Scarves can be flirty, exotic or dramatic, depending on how you wear them.
  • Pixie short: If your hair is short, grab some trendy headbands. Let them accentuate your hair in coordination to your dress. It is neat, cute and easy to carry look.

Some TLC

  • To keep the volume in your hair on a wet day, forgo hair spray and try using mousse. The moisture in the mousse will prep your hair for rainy weather and, unlike spray, won’t give in at the first sight of a drizzle.
  • Avoid brushing too much. Run wet fingers through dry hair. Because frizzy hair is dry, running a wet hand through your hair will help.
  • Touch up the tips of hair with a protein rich conditioner. Dilute it with water and apply to tips of hair with fingers. This should tame the frizzier ends.


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