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Published on June 1st, 2017 | by Rima J Pundir

Beauty Must-haves

Face it, we women have a secret arsenal on hand when it comes to impressing the world with our looks, ahem, beauty! And keeping a secret beauty stash you can dip into to repair any damage is akin to any good military strategy. So ladies and girls, here goes – reload that cache this Sunday!

Make-up removal wipes

  • What: You cannot carry your make-up remover, cotton or trusty face wash with you in your bag lest you like leakages. So get a pack of make-up removal wipes that do the job as efficiently, with minimal fuss.
  • Why: To repair that sudden influx of tears from that unexpected promotion, proposal or even just a hug!
  • Which: Kara, The Body Shop as well as the trusty Oriflame and Avon have great options that don’t pinch the pocket…


  • What: Drops of rain sound romantic but are likely to leave you looking like a zebra with stripes of make-up! Carry a compact to repair damage or simply redo it all if need be…
  • Why: Powder your nose or reset your make-up, whatever be the need of the hour.
  • Which: SUGAR AS NUDE AS IT GETS SPF 15 COMPACT  : When is makeup not really makeup? When is makeup seen only in the look of wonder on those around you and heard only in the compliments you receive for your strikingly radiant skin? To answer these, try out the much-awaited new SUGAR As Nude As It Gets SPF 15 Compact that gives your skin a natural, luminous yet matte finish with its ultra-lightweight velvet formulation.

Lip Balm (or gloss)

  • What: Dig into some good food and that lipper, stay-on as it might be, is bound to come off in degrees. You don’t have look the same at all time, so look natural after a meal and just gloss up!
  • Why: Repair colour loss to lips (and double up as cheek tint if need be).
  • Which: Fran Wilson Moodmatcher Luxe Twist Stick : Define the perfect pout with hi-definition Twist Stick that instantly reacts with your lips to create a one-of-its-kind shade that perfectly suits your mood. Clinically proven with 12-hour staying power, they never smudge, feather or bleed. Get ready for gorgeous matte coverage that will take you from work to play, with the confidence that your lip colour will last all day.


  • What: Most of us don’t carry eye make-up at hand a nd frankly there isn’t a need but for that tube of mascara – one application instantly makes you look groomed, pretty and with ‘eyes wide open’ for fun!
  • Why: Mascara actually ‘opens’ up eyes making you look subtly transformed without the whole gamut of make-up…
  • Which: SUGAR Lash Mob Limitless Mascara : This wonder mascara houses specially designed micro-bristles that lift, separate and unstick every lash hair and coat it with our clump-free volumizing formula. That’s not all! This game-changing makeup product also boosts the growth of your natural lashes thanks to the nourishing vitamins in the tube and contains anti-oxidants that protect them from pollutants. How’s that for packing so much punch in one miracle product!

Miniature Perfume:

  • What: Shocker as it might be for you, that 24-hour deo may only be lasting you till mid-day leaving the other to sweat it out with your BO! A quick wipe with a wet towellete and then a dab of perfume will freshen you up in a jiffy.
  • Why: That 20-minute post lunch walk may have left you sweaty and unfit to face that important client meeting – spray some perfume on for a burst of fragrance and confidence.
  • Which: All Good Scents Chic : Sensual, superior and stylish. Irresistible for that someone special in your life. An absolute fashion statement with a touch of elegance. Defines you just as who you are… Very, very chic.Top Notes: Cedar, Wild Hyacinth, Green AppleHeart Notes: Jasmine, Bamboo, White RoseBase Notes: Cedar, White Musk, Amber

P.S.: Do add a bottle of mints or a stick of minty gum to your beauty kitty too. Romance could be around the corner!

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