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Published on June 15th, 2017 | by Gayatri Dahiya

Fix It: Perfume Woes

Bad weather can ruin perfumes. Here’s how to store them right for you to smell wonderfully perfumed rather than rotten eggs!

Feeling helpless about how your new, and rather expensive fragrance, just doesn’t smell anything like what it did when you bought it? Wondering what happened to that nearly full bottle you kept at your dresser just a few weeks back, and now seems half empty even though you could’ve sworn you never used it? And what about that new bottle of flowery scent, that seemed to have changed colour and darkened overnight?

The Indian weather is NOT conducive for storing most of your skincare items as you would in a cooler climate and perfumes suffer this fate the most. What with the scorching heat, icky humidity, and damp surroundings; there’s only so much that little bottle can survive. However, with a little care you can ensure you get the best from your collection of fragrances. Here are a few pointers to follow when storing your perfumes that can greatly increase their shelf life and to ensure they smell great throughout.

Store upright and keep it boxed

This seems like a no-brainer, and it is. Yet, I’d bet my bottom dollar that all of us have at some point just left a bottle lolling around in some bag, or kept them packed tight in a box but lying sideways so it can age faster (It’s not wine, you know!). So, do your perfume a favour and start by storing it upright all the time and in the box. This sure goes a long way in maintaining the quality of the fragrance.

Store in a cool, dark place

You’ve heard this ad nauseam, and read it on every perfume bottle you’ve ever purchased, but some of us still end up keeping bottle in the car or in the bathroom. Wrong move! You must store perfume(s) in a cool, dark corner of your dresser or wardrobe, or anywhere where the temperature is not above 20-25 degrees. Think room temperature, but slightly cooler. Keep it in the car if only you’re willing to use it as an air freshener eventually, while keeping it in the bathroom will ensure the steam, humidity and the moisture ruins your perfume before you can spell “spoil”!

Minimize exposure to air

Keep the cap on, always. Nothing ruins a good perfume faster than being oxidised upon exposure to air. Oxidisation has the same effect on perfume, as it does on an apple. So if your perfume is turning darker – you know you’ve got a problem. As such, also pick spray caps over roll-ons or mists. These reduce the contact with air, and thus last longer than the other options.

Keep them in a cabinet

As pretty as any dressing area looks with an array of pretty perfume bottles lined up, it isn’t often the best idea from a storage point of view. Room temperatures often fluctuate (owing to extreme heat or erratic AC cooling) and this isn’t necessarily the best temperature for storing perfume. Keep them wrapped away in some closed space, and see them last longer.

Don’t keep perfumes in the fridge

I’m not sure who suggested this in the first place, but I’ve seen a lot of women store perfume in their refrigerators. Not only does this not preserve the perfume for any longer, but in fact, it could ruin your perfume just as well if it were exposed to heat and air and end up smelling like the food items. Point is – get it out of the fridge pronto, and put it in a place where you won’t keep your frozen foods or veggies! Perfumes belong in your drawer, not in the fridge…


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