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Published on June 15th, 2017 | by Rima J Pundir

Pout Commandments

We all want a sexy pout but there’s a line between attention-drawing lips and disastrous chops. Here are some commandments

Lipsticks Dos (and DON’TS)

  • Match lip liner to lipstick or lips: Lipliners are there to keep the lipstick from feathering or bleeding out – they are not meant to make your lips look poutier than what they are. A lip liner darker than the shade of your lips (be it nude lips or ones wearing lipstick) resembles a child’s sketch-pen drawing. Kindly desist.
  • Lip liner is to “line” the lips, not the beyond: Please, please, please do not try to “enlarge” your pout by going even that wee bit beyond your natural lip line. It looks 80s Bollywood and oh-so-gross!
  • Cracked lips, OMG! If you do have cracked or dried lips, please refrain from using a dark lipstick. Actually, try not using a lipstick at all – stick to a healing balm or chapstick. The pigment will centre on all cracked and dry areas of your lips, highlighting the poor state they are in. Apply a thick layer of Boroline at night (we kid you not, it works wonders). In the morning, wipe off excess with tissue and then re-apply some Vaseline – exfoliate with a soft toothbrush for a really soft pout.
  • Spotlight make-up, oh no! Okay, you love the red lips of your idol or the current trend of ox-blood. Great, be fashionably beautiful but do not go OTT with make-up. Wearing dark lips means you need to tone down the rest of your make-up. Flawless skin (reach for the BB cream or foundation), mascara, some light blush and your dark lipstick are all you need to look stunning.
  • No caking please: Sometimes, it’s difficult to prevent lipstick from rubbing off on your glass or teeth, but it’s really important that you keep your lipstick where it belongs: on your lips. Even lipsticks that appear “wet” actually dry, so just be sure to allow your colour to dry before you layer on gloss or balm. If you have a gel type of lip color that rubs off easily, be conscious of that and be sure to dab it with a napkin before you go out for a drink lest it ends up on your glass or worse, on your teeth! For really viscous colours that don’t dry off fast – pat them with your compact to seal in the colour and then sure, raise that toast fearlessly…



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Shine on divas!

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