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Published on June 22nd, 2017 | by Neharika Sabharwal

Fix It: Broken Eyeshadow

Bought a new eyeshadow and clumsy fingers shattered it? Here’s hope!

Just when you are preening with that eyeshadow you had been longing for and just bought; it drops and shatters! After lamenting the loss, most of us would either simply put the shattered pieces back in the pan and use it as is, or end up chucking it in the bin to buy a new one. But what if we told you that the damage is repairable? After you’re done jumping up with joy, here’s what you need to fix the damage…


A clear food storage bag/plastic bag (ziplocks would work great); ethanol or ethyl alcohol (easily available across chemist counters known as rubbing alcohol); a crushing tool of some sort (a hammer, your trusty rolling pin), a dropper (easily sourceable from the chemist again) and absorbent material (muslin, cotton, tissue)…


Step 1: Gather the broken bits and clear out the ‘pan’ or base the shadow cake was resting on – put all the shadow into the plastic bag.

Step 2: Next, use your crushing tool to break the eyeshadow to a smooth powder form.

Step 3: Now transfer all the powder back into the pan.

Step 4: Drop by drop; add the ethanol into the now powdered eyeshadow till it starts resembling a ‘paste’. Don’t fret if you feel you have added too much, it will just take longer to dry into a cake.

Step 5: The final step includes taking the excess moisture out of your shadow with the help of the absorbent paper. Keep switching the area of impact from the paper as it help in getting the moisture out quickly. Another effective alternative is using a flat surface the size of your shadow pan to squeeze it into a nice pressed product. Don’t use your fingers to do the pressing – instead of a smooth surface; you’ll get a finger-lined one!

Simple and effective, recommend experts, this way you can repair inadvertent damage caused to your favourite shade – new or old. Use ethanol (instead of purified or distilled water) as alcohol sanitizes the product and evaporates quickly too. Water may not give desired results as even cake-y makeup may have oil-based composites in it.


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