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Published on July 12th, 2017 | by Rima J Pundir

Our 5 Faves For You!

Face it, we women have a secret arsenal on hand when it comes to impressing the world with our looks, ahem, beauty! And keeping a secret beauty stash you can dip into to repair any damage is akin to any good military strategy. So ladies and girls, here goes – reload that cache this Sunday!

Make-up removal wipes

  • What: You cannot carry your make-up remover, cotton or trusty face wash with you in your bag lest you like leakages. So get a pack of make-up removal wipes that do the job as efficiently, with minimal fuss.
  • Why: To repair that sudden influx of tears from that unexpected promotion, proposal or even just a hug!
  • Which: Kara, The Body Shop as well as the trusty Oriflame and Avon have great options that don’t pinch the pocket…


  • What: Drops of rain sound romantic but are likely to leave you looking like a zebra with stripes of make-up! Carry a compact to repair damage or simply redo it all if need be…
  • Why: Powder your nose or reset your make-up, whatever be the need of the hour.
  • Which: SUGAR As Nude As It Gets Spf15 Compact :  SUGAR As Nude As It Gets SPF 15 Compact gives your skin a natural, luminous yet matte finish with its ultra-lightweight velvet formulation. CLICK HERE to view the product

Lip Balm (or gloss)

  • What: Dig into some good food and that lipper, stay-on as it might be, is bound to come off in degrees. You don’t have look the same at all time, so look natural after a meal and just gloss up!
  • Why: Repair colour loss to lips (and double up as cheek tint if need be).
  • Which: The Nature’s Co. Coconut Lip-Pop : Soft, luscious, moisturized lips are what our Coconut Lip-pop provides. An all natural formula.It protects and softens lips. Apply directly to your lips as often as required. CLICK HERE to view the product


  • What: Most of us don’t carry eye make-up at hand and frankly there isn’t a need but for that tube of mascara – one application instantly makes you look groomed, pretty and with ‘eyes wide open’ for fun!
  • Why: Mascara actually ‘opens’ up eyes making you look subtly transformed without the whole gamut of make-up…
  • Which: The ultimate all-in-one mascara for perfect lash volume, length and definition. Try the SUGAR Lash Mob Limitless Mascara. CLICK HERE to view the product

Miniature Perfume:

  • What: Shocker as it might be for you, that 24-hour deo may only be lasting you till mid-day leaving the other to sweat it out with your BO! A quick wipe with a wet towellete and then a dab of perfume will freshen you up in a jiffy.
  • Why: That 20-minute post lunch walk may have left you sweaty and unfit to face that important client meeting – spray some perfume on for a burst of fragrance and confidence.
  • Which: A soft breezy scent in florals is good…

P.S.: Do add a bottle of mints or a stick of minty gum to your beauty kitty too. Romance could be around the corner!

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