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Published on July 13th, 2017 | by Neharika Sabharwal

Blend-It Beauty

Make-up should look polished, and for make-up that well, doesn’t look made up, you need to b.l.e.n.d.
Blending – the cardinal rule of make-up! We cannot stress enough of the importance of blending. The reason; blending is what gives makeup a polished look. Remember, cosmetics don’t exist in a vacuum, they work together to create a flawless face. Blending is what melds the seams of your makeup. Now if you’re the minimal makeup kinds, you might be able to get away without too much attention to blending. But if you’re going all out with foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, blush, lip liner and lipstick, blending is a skill you will need to master.

Start Fresh

A clean, moisturised face is the key to successful blending. If you have oily skin or heavy scarring using a primer is a good bet. The next step is to even out your skin tone by applying a concealer under your eyes and on any blemishes you might have.

A ‘Strong’ Foundation

The above term can be taken literally when it comes to getting your base makeup right. A good foundation effort is what’s going to make or break your blending efforts. The biggest commandment of using foundation is to ensure the product matches your skin tone perfectly. Remember no amount of blending can fix things if you start off with the wrong colour. Once you get your colour in place, begin the blending chant. Blend your foundation under the jawline, into the hairline, on the ear lobes. Pay special attention to the corners of the nose, corners of the mouth, over and under the eyes. If you need to retouch a particular spot, re-apply lightly and blend. Once done, give a finishing touch to your efforts by lightly powdering with a translucent face powder.

The Right Tools

Fingers vs. Brushes. We say there are no rules to the tools used for blending. If you want to diffuse powder blush and bronzer, take a big, fluffy brush, dip it into a dot of loose powder, then soften the edges of the pigment and blend on your cheeks. It’ll give you that pop of color without any visible lines. Fingers on the other hand are brilliant for blending denser cream blushes or lip gloss. That’s because your fingers radiate heat and essentially melts the heavier consistencies, so they spread nicely, fusing with your skin.


Eye shadow blending is where true artistry comes into play. Blending with multiple colors can create a sense of depth and dimension to the eyes. If done well it can open up the eyes while still allowing for an emphasis on accenting the shape of the eyes. When you’re blending eye shadows, always work only in outward direction. Also don’t sweep the brush over the entire lid else the look will become murky. The key to eye shadow blending is to remember that it is merely pulling one color into and over another. Think of it like a Venn (set) diagram which has two individual circles that share an overlapping section in the middle.

Pencil that Pout

Blend towards that perfect pout with a lip brush. A lip brush is great for matte or semi-matte lipstick because it will give a really consistent, balanced distribution. Pick out a flat, oval-shaped lip brush for the best results. The trick is to get an even amount of lip color distributed on the brush before application by gently swiping the brush three or four times against the lipstick, and then painting over your lips. Lip glosses on the other hand, because of their shiny, reflective nature, will serve you well if you apply them just with your fingers. Also, if you’re using a lip liner, do the world a favor and make sure the liner matches either your lipstick or the color of your lips. When you’re done, don’t forget to set everything with a light dusting of translucent powder or a mist of setting spray. Happy blending!


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