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Published on July 13th, 2017 | by Ahana Basu

Tips For A Shower Lover

Where is the time, you ask. In the bathroom, we say!

Picture a large bathroom, done up in pastel marble hues, with a big, deep bathtub or Jacuzzi, softly lit by scented candles with music playing and a glass of champagne next to the tub. Sound like a dream? It probably is. Most of us have little space for bathtubs and even less time for luxurious soaks and reading deliciously trashy novels while in the bath. However, there is no reason why your quick 10-minute shower cannot be a little oasis in your busy day. After all, the whole purpose of bathing is to wash away all manner of impurities and worries.

Make it special

Keep an extra special shower gel and scrub in the bathroom.  Go the whole hog with a great shampoo and conditioner. You’ll feel like pounds of dirt and worry have been washed away. Ensure you have a loofah or body-brush and fresh towels in the bathroom at all times. That way, you won’t have to waste time looking for towels nor use a plain, old everyday shower gel. Keep a couple of pretty candles in the bathroom. Nothing says ‘spa’ like good lighting and soothing scents.

Time capsule

You’ve got 10-15 minutes. Shower time is your time and no matter what, you should not have to step out covered in suds to deal with anything. Keep your phone on silent and try and pick a time when nobody will ring the doorbell. Tell the family NOT to bang on the door asking questions or announcing that dinner is ready. Above all, try not to think of things that need to be done or emails that need to be answered or calls you haven’t returned. It’s a waste to stand under the shower and step out with a bigger headache than when you went in.

Little details

You won’t be doing a special spa-bath every day, so make it count. Do things you normally wouldn’t do for your daily routine shower. Use a foot scrub to revive those tired soles. It doesn’t take long to slather your feet in scrub and wash it off. If you’re up to it, bring on some music. You do get water-proof shower radios these days, but you could also just bring in your phone, keep it in a safe place and have your chosen playlist on. If you don’t have music on the phone, just go with the radio. Singing along with KK or Mohit Chauhan in the shower is majorly fun.

Finally, once you’re scrubbed and clean and smelling like a goddess, lay on the body lotion. Give yourself a two-minute massage, ensuring the lotion is embedded in your skin. Now, you’re ready to step back out and deal with the outside world.


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