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Published on July 17th, 2017 | by Rima J Pundir

Makeup Removal 101

Tempted to fall into bed without removing that war paint? Don’t! Leaving make-up on at night (regularly) may lead to clogged pores and even pigmentation!

A grand party, some great wine and tapas and lovely company – a great night out can leave you gasping for breath and aching in your high heels. Natural for you to feel too lazy to come down from that high and get that make-up off! But do, leaving make-up on regularly at night can leave your skin clogged with oil and particles, cause dead-skin build-up and even lead to breakouts and pigmentation. Here are two products from my personal kitty that are easy-to-use and take the make-up off in a flash so can fall into bed that much faster. My advice: do take it off to get skin that’s free to breathe well and look great!

Oil and water?
Look at the bottle of The Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover and you see two layers – oil and water. But they don’t mix, or do they? To use, simply shake the bottle well till both the layers merge and soak a cotton pad in the same. Run the cotton pad all over your face – while this one is specially formulated for eye  – it takes off all kinds of make-up in a jiffy – especially the “non-transfer” ones. 
The ups: Gentle enough to be used on the eyes and lip to get that kohl, mascara and long-wear lipstick off. It can also be used all over the face specially if you are wearing crème-based or mineral make up.
The downs: It’s gentle, so getting that blush off may need more than a couple of swipes.
Chipped polish – Off with its head!
How many of us let our nails languish with chipped polish because we are out of a good (read gentle) nail polish remover. Using acetone is a big no-no as it dried out the nails and makes them brittle. One of the products I really like is the Sally Hansen Salon Formula Polish Remover Artificial & Sensitive!

The ups: It’s gentle, makes your nails stop chipping so much and doesn’t leave the nail bed dry – there’s no whitish layer on the nails as there is if you use acetone.

The downs: It’s gentle so does take more than a couple of swipes to get that polish off particularly if you go whole hog with the base coat, nail paint and top coat! It also has a slightly acrid smell…


SeaSoul Phytogel Mineral Foaming Cleanser : This non-soapy formulation contains revolutionary- Dead Sea Pearls- which melt to release minerals into the skin, gets rid of impurities & excess oil. Noni Fruit-Leaves Acne skin clean & refreshed.Lemon Balm-removes makeup residue & oils, soothes, heal & tightens leaving a purified & hydrated skin. CLICK HERE to view the product

SkinYoga Green Tea Face Mask : Inspired from the ancient Japanese skincare regime, this green tea based, antioxidant rich face mask slows aging and wrinkles. This is a 100 percent natural acne control formula that removes toxins from your skin and gives you a more youthful appearance. Organic Green Tea works as a very effective sun guard and acne control agent. Rice flour acts as a natural whitening agent and adds glow to the skin. CLICK HERE to view the product

Iba Halal Care Aloe Aqua Face Wash + Makeup Remover : Iba 2 in 1 Aloe Aqua Face Wash + Makeup Remover – A unique sulfate-free gel formula that completely cleans skin and removes makeup while maintaining skin’s natural moisture balance. CLICK HERE to view the product

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