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Published on August 28th, 2017 | by Rima J Pundir

Nail Art? Not Rocket Science…

Super quick nail art is not rocket science – so here are some ideas that will help you create fun nails, quickly. 

Option 1: Polka Dot Nails

Paint your nails with a base coat and then your shade of the week. Then using a toothpick, dot polkas all over of a darker, lighter or simply whimsical contrasting shade! Let it dry and then protect with a top coats.

Option 2: Different Strokes

Do you have five different shades of the same colour – chances are, you do! So go ahead – paint each nail in a different shade of the same hue for nail art that’s quick easy and oh-so-simple! BTW, these are called ombre nails if you paint in light-to-dark or dark-to-light order.

Option 3: Glitter Top Polish

Simple glitter top coats can add some much-needed razzmatazz to your otherwise plain Jane nails. Apply a base coat and then paint nails in your choice of poison. Then simply add a transparent glitter top coat all over, or just on the tips for a glittery French look!

Option 4: Patterned Nails

Want half and half nails? So apply base coat and then the colour of your choice on nails. Let dry completely – very important lest the scotch tape peels off the nail paint. Now stick a piece of scotch tape diagonally on your nails. Then using the other shade you want to contrast this with – paint over the nail. The scotch tape will ensure a neat diagonal design – and you can wary the width and angles per nail for some fun!


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