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Published on September 25th, 2017 | by Rima J Pundir

Restore Your Skin With Vaseline

What to do when a rush-hour weekend makes you face Monday morning haggard?

40 is the new 30 and 30, well it still is 30! Once you cross the threshold of the big 3-O, your sense of style and confidence may well be on the road to success, but your skin sometimes goes several years ahead of you. Here are a few of my favourite things, as Maria aka Julie Andrews would say – when it comes to reviving tired skin!

 Sunday Evening Essentials: Boroline + Vaseline

Not scented, packed rather simply and yet very effective – these two little products are a must in my beauty drawer. Try these solutions before you flop into bed today:

  • For chapped lips: Slather on Vaseline on your lips – gently rub off with a soft toothbrush. Now apply Boroline (try not the lick it – it tastes yucky!) and in the morning, wipe off the gunk. Repeat this for 2-3 nights in a row and your lips will be soft as a baby’s.
  • For dry hands/feet: Dip your hands and feet in warm soapy water (mix a little shampoo instead of soap – works well for me). Exfoliate with an exfoliating sponge. Slather on Boroline – rub it in till it is absorbed by the skin. Apply Vaseline and slip your hands into cotton gloves or mittens and your feet into cotton socks. Your skin will thank you come morning!

Monday Morning

  • Zap in Serum: Nothing says plump skin like a serum. While your choice may come in a pump or a bottle, mine comes in ‘capsules’. 
  • Say Yes to Butter: Body skin looks tired and lustreless because it is parched. A normal ‘day lotion’ or your trusty SPF will not nourish your skin as would really rich creams or body butters.


Just Herbs Ayurvedic Blemish Treatment Kit : This kit contains three expertly selected products specifically suited for Blemishes and pigmentation prone skin. CLICK HERE to view the product

Votre Advance Gel Exfoliance : Advanced Gel Exfoliance is a unique formula that brightens up lack luster skin. This advance scrub is fortified with effective granules that gently exfoliate dead skin cells and blackheads while natural antioxidants help stimulate cell renewal, giving you soft and younger looking skin. CLICK HERE to view the product

Tvam Fairness Lotion – Sandalwood : Sandalwood Fairness Lotion improves complexion, nourishes and makes the skin soft. It is a unique formulation with natural ingredients. Its natural action involves reduction of the black melanin in the skin without changing the skin’s natural balance. Saffron is used to nourish and lighten the skin. CLICK HERE to view the product


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