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Published on September 27th, 2017 | by Rima J Pundir

Look What Goes Best With Your Skin Tone

Need a quick make-up look that falls in place with your skin tone? Here’s a little help from the FAB BAG…

We Indian gals sure have skin tones ranging from the porcelain to exotically dusky, and it’s only fair that our make-up should make our skin glow and our beauty shine, no matter the skin colour. Skin colour is pre-ordained and basically all genetics so let’s be happy with the way we look and dress up in colours that suits us the best! Here’s a quick look-book to create the best make-up for your skin tone.


  • Touch-Me-Not Porcelain: Begin with a tinted moisturizer or foundation peppered with a little cream blush for a peaches and cream glow. Lightly line eyes with a brown eyeliner and apply an eyeshadow or pencil on the upper lid in shades of lavender.
  • Fair & Lovely: Begin with foundation mixed in with a little moisturizer for a great glow. Now line eyes with a black eyeliner and apply a coat of mascara to open out lashes. A rose pink blush on the apples of your cheeks highlights your beauty. For the lips, line up with a lip definer and then fill in with lipstick for lips that really pop.
  • Beautifully Wheatish: After foundation and quick pat down with a compact, line eyes with a coloured eye liner – a soft blue or purple works beautifully. Apply an earthy-peach blush to the apple of your cheeks. For your lips for a beautiful  pout.
  • Delightfully Dusky: Use foundation mixed with a plumping serum for a really glowy complexion. Next use a poppy eyeshadow on your eyes – green is a great choice. Leave the liner and opt for mascara. Follow up with a rosy blush to light up your cheek.
  • Exotically Dark: The right foundation followed up with concealer sets your complexion beautifully. For your eyes, try a jewel-tone eye pencil and line both the upper and lower lids – try purple, green or blue in bright colours. For the cheeks, drop your well-used brown blusher and try something in an earthy-fuschia to really bring out that glow.



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