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Published on October 5th, 2017 | by Yashodhara Ghosh

Tips And Tricks For Your Hairs

Winter leaves you charged up for fashion, but the other thing the season inevitably charges up, quite literally, is your hair…

Static in your hair can be most unsightly, making it stick out at awkward angles, and fly about in sheer insubordination. But a few simple changes to your hair care routine will keep a tight leash on that frizz monster.

The culprit

To understand why your hair decided to try a pole vault, let’s go back to school for a minute to brush up some long-forgotten lessons in science. Usually in an atom, the positively charged proton balances out the negatively charged electron. But when things rub against each other, the electrons which inhabit the loose outer layer of the atom fly into a tizzy, jumping ship from one atom to another, causing an imbalance. The atoms that are left without electrons become positively charged, while those atoms which acquire new electrons become negatively charged. This excess charge accumulates on the surface of the object. Next thing you know, sparks are flying. And so is your hair.

Dry days

Science also tells us that the more the dryness of the two objects in contact, the more the friction between them. So winter, with all its dry winds, is the time when static charge is most likely to accumulate. To add to that, there’s constant friction – dry hair flying in dry air, dry woollens and mufflers grazing your hair, strands of hair against other strands – you get the picture.

Hair-scare to hair care

  • The key to countering this onslaught of static is hydration. When it comes to hair that is being roughed up from all directions – dry air, shampoo, dry woollens — nothing does the trick better than conditioners. This ubiquitous product restores moisture to your hair that shampoo robs in each wash. So in the dry winter months, this moisturising agent becomes your ‘can’t do without’ product. Try and look out for those which have acid-alkali balance of 3.5-5.5 or simpler still, watch out for phrases like ‘moisture therapy’, ‘deep conditioning’ and ‘intensive hydration’.
  • Leave-in conditioners also work well in the winter months, their light formula helping to lock moisture in your hair without weighing it down and making it go limp.
  • Ditch your regular harsh shampoo: add a moisturising shampoo to your hair routine. But remember to walk the fine line between quenching and saturating – an overdose of conditioner in addition to a hydrating shampoo could leave your hair limp and flat for the next few days. While choosing, watch out for words like ‘hydrating’ and ‘intense moisture.’
  • Your mother was right. Oil, hot or not, helps in winter, providing moisture, and forming a protective coating around each strand, preventing it from being abraded. A good rub of avocado, coconut or olive oil and a light wash will leave your hair fluffy and soft.
  • For those of you who have sworn off oil because it’s difficult to wash off, hair serum will do the trick. This silky solution tames your unruly mop in a matter of seconds. Just rub some onto your hands, and run them down the length of your locks. A coin sized amount will be enough.  Serum has silicon, which sheathes each strand, preventing the stray electrons from running amok. It also prevents the strands from direct contact with pollutants – dust, soot – that chafe against your hair and make it drier than usual.
  • Barring special days, steer clear of ironing tongs, straighteners, curlers. If your early work hours and late rising hour coincide, chances are you’ll need to blow dry before stepping out. Be sure to use an ionic hair dryer. These dryers are gentle and don’t strip your hair of moisture.


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