FAB BAG Magazine


1. Help – I can’t seem to sign up and I don’t want to ‘Proceed as Guest’!

It’s simple – you actually don’t have to register as a member to order your first subscription from FabBag.com. The first time you purchase anything off our site – subscription or product, you need to ‘proceed as guest’. Once you’re done placing the order, you will find that your account will automatically be created for all your future visits.

2. I just ordered a FAB BAG subscription! What next? When will I receive my Bag?

Congratulations! You have taken the first step to discover, learn and experience beauty products from the best brands in the world. All FAB BAG ship by the end of the 3rd week of the month. It takes a while for our beauty experts to go through all your preferences and customize your FAB BAG for you, so yes – there is a little wait in this. However, we assure you that the wait will be well worth it! Meanwhile, you can customize your preferences by answering a fun questionnaire, read the FAB BAG Magazine and indulge in some shopping!

3. What is your shipping policy? Do I have to pay for shipping?

We know you hate hidden charges, so here’s the headline – all orders above 500/- ship for free. The FAB BAG Monthly Boxes ship for free as long as you sign up one of our longer term 3-, 6- or 12-month packages. For the other orders below 500/- we add a nominal shipping fee of Rs. 49/- per delivery

4. How do I know the samples will work for me? How big are the samples?

Our FAB BAG experts work hard to individually customize each box to suit the specific beauty needs of each subscriber. Please fill in your beauty profile (link) accurately to receive samples that will work for you. Each sample will also be accompanied with detailed literature on how to use it more effectively. You can also read our Magazine to learn about how to make the best use of your samples and read tonnes of beauty inspiration, how-to articles and latest styling trends. We are confident that you will love our carefully selected samples, but in case you receive something that you don’t like, please share your feedback (link) and we promise that you will hear from us! The samples are typically designed for regular trial over a 7-10 days period. The exact quantity will depend on each product, although typically the quantity varies from 2ml to sometimes even a full-size product.

5. Can I gift a subscription?

We know one of the toughest tasks in the world is to gift a woman something she will love. On popular demand, we have decided to make your job easy. All you need to do is choose to gift your loved one the FAB BAG of the month or better still, any of our heavily discounted 3-monthly, 6-monthly or annual subscriptions. As for figuring out what she loves, leave that to us! We will send her a congratulatory email on your behalf and ask her for her preferences when she claims your gifted subscription.

6. What if I need to cancel my subscription?

FAB BAG respects your choice and you can at anytime choose to cancel your subscription – 3-monthly, 6-monthly or annual, unless of course, your box has already been shipped. For the discounted 3-monthly/ 6-monthly/ annual subscriptions, you will only be charged at Rs. 399/- for the boxes that have already been shipped and the remaining amount will be refunded to your account. If you face any challenges in canceling your subscription, please contact us and we will solve your problem within 24 hours.